The way buildings are designed and constructed is broken…

Longform is an architectural practice that is transforming how buildings are made.
If you are a client, contractor, or design consultant, here you will find ways to create extraordinary architecture while also increasing quality, saving time, and reducing costs.

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What’s wrong with architecture?

Imagine walking into a dealership to buy a new car. But in this dealership, the sales rep can’t give you a price up front, no meaningful guarantee of quality, and isn’t sure when the car will be ready to drive away. What do you do? Go somewhere else probably…

It may sound like a joke, but this is what the customer is faced with when commissioning any building project these days. Nobody would buy anything like that in any other walk of life. It’s madness made into a contract. And apparently this is inevitable. We don’t accept that. You shouldn’t either.

Good Ideas: How we Work and How we Think

Putting people at the centre of design

What can a James Bond film tell you about good design process?

Why we should make buildings like NASA makes rockets.

What lessons can architecture learn from Coca Cola?

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In contrast to the current trend toward short term planning and ideas, we believe in long term, long run, long lasting, “Longform” thinking. Therefore, we work with clients before, during, and after the building is completed.

We provide full architectural services using Human-Centred Design approaches and smart procurement techniques like Integrated Project Delivery and Unified Building Agreements.

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We use hard work, imagination, and experience to develop ways of designing and building that make things better.

We work with people and organisations from around the globe who want to affect real change.


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Kirk McCormack

Founder and director of Longform.




Longform Architecture is leading a Campaign. A Campaign to change the way buildings are made. This is a call to arms for clients, designers, and contractors. The catalysts we use to create change are Unified Building and Integrated Project Delivery. These are ways of designing and making buildings which are key to affecting change. And you should know how to use them.

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